Feminismus. Sahnetorten. TV Shows.

  • What to watch as a straight woman

    Pride month is over so we are back again at giving straight people life advice. While being feminist your service as a queer person probably do not extend to cishet men and I fully understand that. Same here. There are shows specifically aimed at us and there are shows which are also aimed at us […]

  • Quick and Dirty: Imposters (2017-2018), Bravo

    Maddie is a very talented and resourceful con artist. Supported by her colleagues Max and Sally she tricks men (and women) into loving her, then steals all their money and leaves them emotionally and financially damaged. Maddie’s latest victims Ezra, Richard and Jules team up to find her, getting their money (and probably decency) back […]

  • Quick and Dirty: Westworld (2016-), HBO

    Imagine you are an artificial intelligence and your only reason for existence is to be murdered, tortured, raped and beaten on a daily basis, your memory is erased after every incident to „protect“ you and you have been living in this hell hole from several to 35 years. Imagine mankind thinks you are just a […]

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