Quick and Dirty: Imposters (2017-2018), Bravo

Maddie is a very talented and resourceful con artist. Supported by her colleagues Max and Sally she tricks men (and women) into loving her, then steals all their money and leaves them emotionally and financially damaged. Maddie’s latest victims Ezra, Richard and Jules team up to find her, getting their money (and probably decency) back while spiraling more and more into their own cons and schemes.

Richard, Ezra and Jules

Bravo cancelled the comedy-ish show this year but they crafted a decent and satisfying series finale although season 2 lacks the compelling narratives and twists season 1 had. Nonetheless it’s a very entertaining show because Jules is a hilarious and (for me) relatable lesbian character: She is cynical, grumpy, stubborn and a little dramatic. I was also quite fascinated by the most unrealistic depiction of friendship between men and lesbians and I mean that in a good way. Jules, Richard and Ezra become a „ride or die“ trio, they support and care for each other unconditionally, of course not without self-deprecating critique of cishet masculinity mostly voiced by Jules and also in a more subtle way through Ezra’s and Richard’s actions.

While Ezra – the romantic, naive and sensitive – never really grew on me, the portrayal of Richard (goals in life: women and cars, maybe senator) and his dynamic with Jules is funny, warm-hearted and sometimes surprising. Whereas Jules upholds the lesbian flag unapologetically Richard carries very much intended and believable gay aura with him.

Have I mentioned Uma Thurman plays a guest role as crazy handler Lenny Cohen?

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