why white people have to re-center QTPOC perspectives in feminist and LGBT activism

„we do not yet have a word in the english language
capable of accounting for all of the hurt
hurt people do
because this is not what english is for.
you see english is for hurting.
english has no words to discuss
itself because then maybe it would have to stop speaking.
in the mean time we will use
‘colonialism’ instead of ‘gay’
and maybe things will start making
sense again
definition: white men dance on stolen land and call it activism.
send wedding invitations to the rest of us who
hate ourselves enough to attend“

When Brown looks in the mirror and comes out white

read this from Alok Vaid-Menon, follow them and Janani Balasubramanian, together they are Darkmatter and @DarkMatterRage on Twitter: QueerTransPeopleofColor (QTPOC) perspectives on (LGBT and queer_feminist) activism and academia culture, on how white supremacy, racism and colonialism are inherently intertwined with gender, class and race. how we (white people) think of (racialized) bodies, how they are ‚gendered‘ (or not), how ‚gender‘ itself is a colonial construct, how we perceive trans (bodies), who is trans and who is not, what is (often practiced as) trans_activism and why, and why white people can think of and act in feminism and (LGB)trans_activism without regarding racism, colonialism and capitalism. also read them for critique on so-called ‚intersectionality‘, ‚inclusion‘ and ‚diversity‘. also read them for why it is so important to re-center our activism on the lives and realities of QTPOC to make a better living for everyone.

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