#emmaistfürmich oder: Deutschland, dein Netzfeminismus.

Das „feministische“ Magazin Emma wollte wohl auch mal bei diesem Netzaktivismus mitspielen und rief unter ?#?emmaistfürmich? ihre Leser_innen dazu auf, Videobotschaften, Emails, Selfies, Tweets usw an die Redaktion zu senden. Auf Twitter kam der Hashtag … Weiterlesen

why white people have to re-center QTPOC perspectives in feminist and LGBT activism

„we do not yet have a word in the english language capable of accounting for all of the hurt hurt people do because this is not what english is for. you see english is for … Weiterlesen

„Access, as Tanya Titchkosky (2011) has observed, should not be understood simply as a bureaucratic procedure, but is about how spaces are experienced and lived as oriented toward bodies, with their differing capacities and incapacities. That we notice some modifications of spaces to make them more accessible reveals how spaces are already shaped around certain bodies. As Nirmal Puwar (2004) describes some bodies are perceived as “space invaders.” The modifications required for spaces to be opened to other bodies are often registered as willful impositions on those spaces.“

Sara Ahmed on racism, ableism, misgendering and heterosexist assumptions. She argues that, if your body and your very being don’t fit into spaces (because they are already built and fit for others), you not only feel like an imposition, but you become an imposition to those spaces (and to others, who already fit in). Accomodations have to be made, so you can fit in. Therefore „you must be willing to minimize differences in order to fit in“.

Her sharp and sometimes metaphorical analyses of how individuals keep discriminatory structures and spaces alive by reproducing them in their mindsets and actions, are always an inspiration to me for taking responsibility and getting into action.

So check out her blog feministkilljoys.com and her twitter account.

Skandalisierung, Rückzug und dann?

Toller Text über produktive Umgänge mit eigenen Privilegien auf Black Girl Dangerous. Was Punkt 3 betrifft, habe ich auch andere Erfahrungen gemacht und wähle teilweise andere Umgänge à la „holding others accountable“: Sich aus Räumen … Weiterlesen

die schrank-heten.

„Outing“ ist so ein Begriff, der perfekter Spiegel einer heteronormativen Gesellschaft ist. Ich verwende ihn allerdings gern, wenn es darum geht zu erklären, dass Nichtheterosein dazu führt aus einer heteronormativen Gesellschaft raus(out)zufallen – Out zu … Weiterlesen